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Coopers Beer Kits - Australian Lager (1.7kg)
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Code: COO001
Price: 14.25

Shipping Weight: 0.00 kilograms
Coopers Lager is produced using the finest Australian premium malted barley and Tasmania Hops. When fermented these ingredients combine to produce a full-bodied Austrialian Lager that is distinctive and refreshing to the taste.

Pure and natural ingredients, pure Malt, Hops and Yeast.

No additives or preservatives.

Full instructions and yeast contained under lid.

Super easy brewing method -

1) Clean & sterilise all equipment prior to use.
2) Mix contents of kit, 1 kg sugar and 2 litres of boiling water.
3) Add 20 litres of cold water, followed by the yeast, then mix. Seal the lid on cover and ferment.
4) Syphon or tap into bottles with added sugar, cap and store.

Fuller instructions provided with kit.